Welcome to tiNai Ecofilm Festival
March 21-22, 2019
at Madras Christian College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Welcome to tiNai Ecofilm Festival!

tiNai Ecofilm festival (TEFF) is the biennial ecofilm festival of tiNai (formerly called OSLE-India) – an organisation for promoting ecocriticism in India. TEFF is all about watching and making Ecological/Environmental films and encouraging community filmmaking.

In the environmental history of India, films have not been considered an effective medium to represent our environment and to bring about change. Digital technology has made it handy for anyone with a camera to document environmental issues, eco communities and ecological interrelationships. However, though there are telling and compelling environmental stories and perspectives that individuals have documented, there are very few venues for them to be screened and viewed in India. Goa being an ecological hub of Western India known for its diverse eco terrains and picturesque waterscapes and landscapes, the location is an ideal one to attract environmental filmmakers and other eco enthusiasts.

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