Categories and Awards


Ecodocumentary competition has four categories:

  1. Indian Short Ecodocumentary: Indian Films with duration of less than 30 minutes
  2. Indian Feature Ecodocumentary: Indian Films with duration of more than 30 minutes
  3. Foreign Short Ecodocumentary
  4. Foreign Feature Ecodocumentary


Best two documentaries from each category will be awarded trophies and certificates (a total of EIGHT awards).

  1. Best Indian Short Ecodocumentary
  2. Runner-up Indian Short Ecodocumentary
  3. Best Indian Feature Ecodocumentary
  4. Runner-up Indian Feature Ecodocumentary
  5. Best Foreign Short Ecodocumentary
  6. Runner-up Foreign Short Ecodocumentary
  7. Best Foreign Feature Ecodocumentary
  8. Runner-up Foreign Feature Ecodocumentary