We are a team of ecologically committed people from various disciplines looking out for people, institutions and organisations with similar commitments. In 2005, we joined hands to bring about this perspective-change in academics; registered as a trust named, Organisation for Studies in Literature and Environment-India (OSLE-India).

We organised academic conferences, seminars, workshops in schools, colleges and universities of national repute. We were instrumental in introducing “Ecocriticism” as an academic course in various educational institutions, across the country. We connected and collaborated with similar organisations in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan and Africa. In 2007, responding to the need to address the physical and visual imagery of ecology and create visual documents, all the media committed people in the group joined to form The Ecomedia Team.

Since then, The Ecomedia Team commissioned projects (World Oral Literature Project, University of Cambridge, UK), organised ecofilm screenings and discussions in various educational institutions and made documentaries with ecocritical leanings. Now, we are looking forward to expanding the cause to a wider level by organising tiNai ecofilm festival.