TEFF Competition

  • Competition is held only for documentaries with ecological or environmental content.
  • The theme could relate to an organism or a community of organisms in relation to their environment, environmental aspects of a cultural community, environmental degradation, issues on biodiversity, ecosophical perspectives, ecocentric practices, ecological justice, anthropocene and so on.
  • The treatment could be relating/discussing/appreciating/criticizing the relationships between natural, cultural and supernatural entities.
  • A participant who would like to compete in the ecodocumentary competition needs to fill-in an online entry-from and a copyright declaration-form to register his/her film.
  • The films can be sent to the organizers online (vimeo, G-drive or through other online platforms) and physically in a DVD or a pen drive. Participation in the competition is not charged. Reputed jury members will select films of high structural and thematic qualities.